Aquazul was borne of the spirit of freedom and the rhythms of the sea. We honor and revel in the sun’s warmth, light and healing powers, and bathe in the pure joys of Mother Nature’s aquatic playground.

On any given day you might find us deep-sea fishing, surfing, snorkeling, sailing or just soaking up the sun. This is where we are the happiest: in the great outdoors; unconfined, unrestricted and unchained from the soul-less daily grinds of life. Smiling. Laughing. Seizing the Day.

Our logo embodies the movement of the ocean and the life it breathes to its inhabitants. Our name whispers of a place of contentment, where blue skies reign, water soothes and happiness is as simple as an ethereal sunset.

Nature offers us unconditional beauty. We, in turn, present to you some of her most delightful features and creatures on stylishly cool apparel and home accessories.

Our products offer a broad perspective of life in and around the sea. Each is designed with care and handcrafted with quality materials to ensure a long life of enjoyment. From T-shirts and hats to tablecloths, napkins, pillows, and towels, Aquazul Outfitters offers one-of-a-kind, ocean-centric apparel and accessories that add color, whimsy and taste to your life and home.

Aquazul celebrates a life lived naturally and in harmony with the rhythms of the oceans and seas the world over. Open up your senses to the colorful, playful and intelligent designs and products of Aquazul Outfitters.

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