11 Kitchen Keepsakes Every Pirate Lover Needs

By: Kaitlyn Nakagoshi

Time to brush off the old barnacles and bow down to the booty – September 19th is National Pirate Day!

Sadly, as delightful as a deck-ridden “pirate’s life for me” sounds, it’s hardly practical. A life of pillaging and plundering equates to a life spent in prison. On the flip side, the saltwater awaits on the weekends and the list treasures below will keep your kitchen in the salty spirit all year long.

1. Plates Worth the Plank Walk

The sleek design of these sword plates is slightly elegant, while still pirate’esque. The spherical pattern creates an unusual yet stunning illusion on the eyes, or in the case of pirates, maybe just one eye. Plus, since swords are not specific to the pillaging type, they are versatile too.

img28o2. Eight-Stemmed Stemware

Often times, martini glass designs are overdone, but everything about these is attractive – the contrast of the pewter with the crystal glass, the subtle sea urchin base, and my personal favorite, the nautical inspired anchor. Gin or vodka, olives or onions, dry or dirty, this set of stemware is a must.

39c04baef05dae464cb99c09ef0a941b3. Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bag of Rum

Who would have thought that a little canvas sack could be so cute and purposeful? This exclusive Aquazul Outfitters item makes gift giving easy-peasy and eco-friendly. Trade in those overpriced party bags for something with scallywag style.

Carry-Rum-Bag-1 4. All A-Board the PiratePlatter!

This marble cheese board is almost too pretty to cover up with crackers and Brie but your guests will go gaga over it. After all, nothing classes up a dinner party like a pearlized cutting board in the shape of a skull.

 TFCU007-skull-board-white5. Top Me off Tentacles

Just imagine your wine collection or wet bar with several of these octopus tentacle stoppers sticking out the bottle tops. No pirate-themed cocktail party is complete without at least an octo-set of these brilliantly bold accent pieces.

8c437d4dcd1ae3d09cc5bc18115f76c86. 1-2-3-Down the Hatch!

The text on this glass bottle is the deal sealer. It gets straight to the point, and it’s just too good to pass up. What a darling way to store olive oil, homemade salad dressing, or simple syrup for those happy hour concoctions.

54fc13bf90f6dd9320a32ed6251a4fff7. Keep it Simple, Savvy?

There’s nothing chicer than a black and white color combo, unless it’s complimented by the perfect pirate platter. The simple design and almost kid-like artwork of this tray make it both versatile and very cute.

Product_KTX10663_Image_18. Just a Spoon Full of Salty

I mean honestly, how adorable are these bowls? And clever! A sailor hat masquerading as a bowl? I’ll take four, please.

349e4770b98fc1379972dab6c89f4dde9. Pirates Play Knotty & Ice

Ice cube molds are all the rage these days, but this tray in particular is especially rad. Add chunks of your favorite fruit to the mold before freezing for the perfect pirate punch bowl filled with your secret sangria recipe. Die hard party pillagers can even make skull and crossbones Jell-O shots that will shiver your timbers mateys!

41PhICgbesL10. Peg Legs-N-Eggs-N-Pancakes

Nothing says Sunday brunch like a spicy Bloody Mary and a short stack of skull pancakes, right? This fearless flapjack griddle makes a fun and tasty treat for the kids, and the kids at heart. Just don’t forget the special touch – two chocolate chips over the eyes 36c1403e4bdc745a875abfbac3c5493f11. Corn on the Swob the Deck

I don’t care how old you are. These sword corn on the cob holders are awesome. Corn on the cob consumption has never been more fun. Plus, they’ll keep your feasting hands free of buttery goodness.













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