13 Things To Be Thankful For in Florida

By: Kaitlyn Nakagoshi

Every year, Americans spend an entire day feeling grateful – for all of life’s gifts, good company, and great food. But less than 24-hours later, a significant number of those thankful Americans spend an entire day waiting in endless lines at jam-packed stores to purchase new things at bargain Black Friday prices. *Cue Alanis Morissette song: Ironic*

For argument’s sake, I won’t dive any deeper into the dubious Black Friday debate, nor will I broadcast whether participation in Black Friday is a favorite pastime to be proud of, or an annual activity that is simply absurd and annoying. *Hint: It’s not the former.* At this point, hopefully the turkey-induced food comas and surplus of Cyber Monday emails have subsided. But in keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are thirteen things that folks in Florida should remember to be thankful for all year long!

 1. Link Lovers’ Land – The sunshine state’s “Golf Capital of the World” specialty license plate wasn’t designed for nothing. Those bragging rights were earned, and for good reason. Not only is there an endless supply of golf courses, both public and private, but golf season in Florida never really ends.

florida_golf_capital_of_the_world2. Fisherman’s Paradise – Saltwater? Freshwater? Flats? Fly? Deep Sea? No matter your rod-n-reel preference, Florida can satisfy any fishing fix. The only kind of fishing you won’t find around here is ice. And it’s oh so nice!

3. Tons of Tervis – These are no ordinary plastic cups. Tervis Tumblers are the original insulated plastic drinking glasses that take up cupboard space in all kinds of homes. But only Floridians can boast the Tervis Tumbler brand headquarters, located in Venice, FL.

4. Labor Day Rule – No wearing white after Labor Day? No thanks. We’ll rock our white shorts and flip-flops regardless of what season it is. And we’ll look good doing it.

5. “Shopping is a Pleasure” – If you aren’t already convinced that Publix is the best grocery store in the country, just ask a former Florida resident what things they miss most about living here. The Publix subs alone are worthy of recognition.

505339606. “Florida Casual” – Leave it to the folks in Florida to come up with their own “dress code”, one that allows shorts, linen pants, bare shoulders, sundresses, and sandals to be adorned year-round in casual social settings. The “Florida casual” look is also captured through coastal living inspired architecture and home decor.

9365e65d4b6c73d00a3ca639357aeed07. Tailgate Traditions – No matter how hardcore of a sports fan you are, nobody likes tailgating in freezing temperatures. Down here in the southeastern tip of the United States, the weather permits tailgate parties all year long. So grab a cooler and a koozie and bring on the outdoor concerts!

8. Beach Bums – Perhaps one of the most obvious assets that this peninsula has to offer is the endless list of lavish beaches, and their easily accessible locations. No matter where you are in this splendid state, you’re never far away from soaking up the goodness of the great Florida outdoors.

9. Attractive Attractions – Who wouldn’t want to live in the state that is home of the “happiest place on earth”??? Not to mention, Florida boasts a number of other boredom-killing attractions that are fun for all ages, AND provide pretty stellar places for school field trips – St. Augustine, Kennedy Space Center, Sea World, EPCOT Center, Blue Springs, etc.

c848f9acf89541d835aecb68908d008a10. Cost of Living – There’s no state income tax in Florida. End of story.

11. Tasty Treats – Seafood, fresh-squeezed orange juice, key lime pie, local breweries, homegrown blueberries and strawberries – When it comes to pleasing your taste buds, Florida is stacked with top-notch food and drink options.

18663234812. Baseball Benefits – If you aren’t a Florida Marlins or Tampa Bay Rays fan, you can still catch your favorite MLB teams in action, and not just when they are in the visitor’s dugout. More than half of all the MLB teams play their spring training games at a designated ballpark in Florida, as part of the Grapefruit League.

63070_792497277384_671126300_n13. Staycation Station – Gotta get away for a weekend? Florida’s got you covered. Planning an impromptu “staycation” couldn’t be easier.



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