25 Looks We Love For Gasparilla 2015

By: Kaitlyn Nakagoshi Alas, me hearties, we’re in the homestretch of the countdown to Gasparilla! Naturally, as the annual pirate invasion nears, party hard patrons can’t help but wonder…. What the heck will the weather will be like in Tampa Bay on that day?!?! As of right now, the Weather Channel predicts the following: Granted, […]

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17 Sweet And “Salty” Holiday Gifts For All Ye Hearties

By: @TampaKaity Yo-Ho-Ho-Ho!….and eggnog spiked with rum! The gift giving spirit of the holiday season may not exactly complement the mutinous morals of scurvy sea dogs, but that doesn’t mean presents and piracy can’t be purposely combined this time of year. So in lieu of the typical looting behavior of tried and true swashbucklers, give […]

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13 Things To Be Thankful For in Florida

By: Kaitlyn Nakagoshi Every year, Americans spend an entire day feeling grateful – for all of life’s gifts, good company, and great food. But less than 24-hours later, a significant number of those thankful Americans spend an entire day waiting in endless lines at jam-packed stores to purchase new things at bargain Black Friday prices. […]

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