Gift Ideas for Guys:
How to Fish Their Wish

By: Kaitlyn Nakagoshi

Tis the season for giddy children, baked goodies, and family festivities. It’s also the time of year when parking lots are maxed out, check out lines wrap around stores, and traffic seems never-ending. There aren’t many holiday shopping days left, but what good does it do you to wander around a crowded shopping mall if you haven’t the slightest clue what to buy?

You can always count on kids to tell you exactly what they want, but not everyone on your list is that easy to shop for. If the last few names on your list belong to dads, brothers, grandpas, uncles, or husbands, here are some helpful hints to help with those guy gifts.

  • Stop with the socks! For some reason men always get stuck with practical presents like socks. It’s difficult to act excited when you open a gift like that.
  • No more neckties! Chances are, every special guy in your life already has a rack full of ties, most of which he doesn’t even wear. The last thing men want is another tie to add to their collection.
  • Ditch the delectables! Guys often get stuck with pre-packaged store bought food items as last resort gifts. Granted, men do like food, but not as presents. There are already enough sweet treats around this time of year. No need to add to the assortment.
  • Can the cash! There is no gift more impersonal than an envelope of cash. Not to mention, it shows minimal thought and demands zero effort. These days, you can even throw gift cards into this category. Save those for business associates and the mailman.

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