Grab Your Pirate Gear.
The Invasion is Near!

By: Kaity Nakagoshi

When all the presents have been opened, all the cookies have been eaten, and all the decorations have been stored away, that means it’s time to get prepared and pumped for a new year. The closing of the holidays may be somewhat disappointing, but in the Tampa Bay area, this time of year is synonymous with a different kind of celebration invasion. Tis the season for Gasparilla!

For those who are new to the area, or are not familiar with Gasparilla, it is a timeless Tampa tradition that stems across a number of local events and activities. Some of the festivities are geared towards children, but the main event is an all day parade and party that finds treasure in all things pirate.

This year, the Gasparilla Pirate Fest falls on Saturday, January 25th. The invasion is just around the corner! Have you pillaged and plundered for the perfect Gasparilla gear yet? Lots of folks get decked out in head to toe ensembles fit for a good old fashioned plank walking, but it is certainly isn’t mandatory.

If theatrical costumes are not your thing, it’s still fun to get in the swashbuckling spirit, which is why Aquazul has designed three different custom shirts to celebrate the gloriousness of Gasparilla. Yo-ho yo-ho what are you waiting for mateys?

Pirates are not the only ones that invade the 813 area during the last weekend of January. Out of town friends and relatives from all across the sunshine state, as well as some non-Florida residents, invade our Tampa Bay homes to partake in the maritime merriment. If you’re hosting a commandeering crew for the weeklong celebration, greet them with an Aquazul Gasparilla shirt. It will shiver their timbers!

Since this festival is such a longstanding Tampa tradition, our shirts offer an extra piece of treasure – they’re local loot! Our company is based out of Tampa, Florida, so we are also getting pumped for the parade and gearing up for Gasparilla. The custom designs we created can be adorned all year long, even after the all buccaneers and beads are gone.


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