These Are “Knot” Your Average Fishing Shirts

By: Kaity Nakagoshi

Whether you crave the coast or fantasize about freshwater, nothing beats a relaxing day of fishing in the great outdoors. Fishing is such a versatile sport, which has allowed it to gain continuous popularity. Men and women of all ages can reap the benefits of outdoor adventures and activities.

How Well Do You Know Your Knots?

Whether you’re a newbie to the fishing scene or a seasoned veteran, the importance of knots will never go out of style. Every fisherman and fisherwoman needs to be able to identify and skillfully tie the knots that compliment their fishing needs.

Knots are the foundation of fishing and there are many different kinds to accommodate a variety of circumstances. There are two elements that all fishing knots have in common, regardless of whether you’re in a Jon boat on the lake or a deep-sea charter boat offshore:

1)      Strength – Keep in mind that the strength of a knot will never equal the strength of the fishing line so you need to pair the appropriate knot with your line of choice.

2)      Slippage – The key to preventing your knots from breaking is eliminating the slip potential. Tactfully tied knots will allow no room for slippage and therefore will not break on you.

If you want to have luck with your lure, you simply can’t be a knots novice. Just in case you need a little “cheat sheet” to remind you how to tie four of the best knots to know, Aquazul Outfitters has got you covered. Each of our custom designed fishing t-shirts is not only cool and comfortable, but also includes a hidden fishing feature. If you lift the front end of the shirt up, you see something special printed underneath – instructions on how to tie one of the four fishing knots below:

Albright – If you are using monofilament lines (or wire) that are not the same diameter, the Albright knot will ensure a tight connection is formed. It’s also idea to use the Albright knot when you are trying to make shock leaders.

Albright KnotBlood – The Blood knot has a distinct purpose and that is to join together two pieces of fishing line. It comes in handy when you want to make use of broken fishing line pieces instead of letting them go to waste.

Blood Knot

Clinch – When it comes to fishing basics, the Clinch is clutch. It’s one of the most important knots you need to know because it is used to fasten hooks, lures, and swivels to the rod’s functioning fishing line.

Clinch Knot

Palomar – The purpose of the Palomar knot is quite practical. This is an essential knot because it will secure your line to hooks, lures, snaps, swivels, and a number of other fishing equipment accessories.

Palomar Knot

When it comes to sea, life, and style, Aquazul’s got you covered.


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