The Story Behind Aquazul

Aquazul came to our Founders from the wings of pelicans, the chatter of dolphins, the caw of seagulls, and the flapping of a manta ray’s fins. It also came to us in the whirr of a fishing rod, a surfer’s aerial, the beauty of a coral reef and the joy of a sea breeze.

We are aficionados of the ocean, explorers of sea adventures and experiences that expand our horizons and capture the passions that speak to our hearts and souls. We are fishermen and women, sailors, scuba divers, paddle boarders, kite boarders, surfers, snorkelers, wake boarders and more.

We are also lovers of all sea creatures, big and small. If it lives in the sea, it can reside in our homes in the form of refined accessories and comfortable, stylish clothing.

We invite you to browse our pages and find those items that speak to you and your love of all things oceanic.


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