Children’s Patch Yer Eye And Say Aye! Short Sleeve Tee Shirt

Pirates roamed the seven seas hundreds of years ago and yet their legends are still with us today. During their frequent marauding adventures, they had to battle with sword, musket and cannons to overcome the ships they were raiding. T’is a risky business and many injuries occurred giving rise to wooden legs, hooked hands and patched eyes. This pirate tee, Patch Yer Eye and Say Aye, is a twist of phrase and play on words that’s a fun pirate pun. So the next time you’re in a pilfering mood, put on this shirt to play the part.

  • Ultra soft preshrunk 100% cotton
  • Screen printed artwork, front and back
  • Easy care machine washable
  • Black


SKU: BK_P006-S


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