Spiny Lobster Designer Pillow

The lobster is a seafood icon and the Spiny Lobster is the tropical version of the New England variety. Spiny Lobsters are found all over the globe in tropical waters. They range in color patterns from subdued to brilliant patterns and bright hues. Although they lack the ominous claws of their northern counterparts, they make up for them with their arsenal of needle-sharp spines that cover them from head to tail. We adore their beauty and grace and dedicate this pillow to them. We hope you too will want to showcase them with this stunning pillow in your home.

  • 20″ x 20″ square pillow with zipper
  • Original hand-drawn artwork
  • Artfully silk screened on fabric
  • Comfortable cotton material for a beautiful natural look and feel
  • Opulent faux-down feather insert providing ultimate in comfort


SKU: P20LWR_006


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